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Normal People - Extraordinary Lives

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Institute of Physical Medicine & Sports Therapy Inc. is an outpatient orthopedic physical therapy clinic located in Windsor, Colorado. It is a therapist owned clinic where patient care is priority and all treatments are performed by licensed Physical Therapists. While most clinics boast of treating high level athletes, we realize most people are not elite athletes but are normal people trying to live normal lives. Lives that include playing catch in the backyard, getting in shape for a 10K run, hiking, fly fishing, or simply wanting to sleep through the night without pain.

The purpose for physical therapy is to decrease pain and improve function. This simply means allowing a person to pursue their passions in life without pain. Evaluation of three systems, including the muscles, skeleton, and nerves, along with a functional movement assessment are used to determine the plan for treatment. Numerous hours have been spent on courses in order to integrate various treatment philosophies into one comprehensive treatment approach. The result is a quicker recovery and return to life.