Physical Therapy

I came to Scott after a back injury in October. Scott treated this back injury using great skill and a knowledge base that was amazing. After several months I am now pain free and back to my pre injury activity level, thanks to all at IMS for their great care and outstanding customer service.


Mr. Scott Johnson

"I suffered a very painful paralyzed shoulder from a shot at a well visit to my Dr. I started therapy with Scott 2 weeks after my injury with no use of my shoulder. Scott was the only person who helped me in my recovery. I immediately started improving and 8 weeks later I was nearly 100%. He was the reason I got back to work after a 10 week absence. Thanks Scott."


Mr. Scott Johnson

"You're a miracle worker"


Mr. Scott Johnson

"I've had therapy before it's never been like this. It's been great."


Mr. Scott Johnson,

I have received therapy for several sports injuries at the Windsor Institute of Physical Medicine and Sports therapy. I am contacting you today to express my appreciation for your work and the professionalism you showed. I have been to numerous other physical therapists throughout my sports career and have never experienced a physical therapist who really gave their full attention to me and provided very valuable and reliable information about the injuries and what I would be experiencing. The care I was given when at this office was much higher and more professional than any place I have been before, you always had an answer or information about questions or concerns I had and communicated extremely well throughout the time I was attending therapy. The staff in this office worked very well together and the receptionist was always organized and proficient. I am extremely grateful and appreciative of the time, effort, and help you put into my rehabilitation and commitment to getting me back on the field at the right time and place. I can’t tell you how many times I left your office feeling much more confident and motivated to get healthy and play again, especially after previously visiting therapists or trainers that did not provide the same quality of care or knowledge. I have worked with several other therapist and trainers but none who were as patient, kind, supportive, or talented within their profession. I would trust your word over any of the medical professionals I have come in contact with. I would highly recommend your care and the Institute of Physical Medicine to any other athletes or patients. I wish you all the best.

University of Cincinatti - Women's Soccer team

I have been seeing Scott since I was a freshman in high school all the way until the end of my senior year. I played football and track all throughout high school and received various injuries and mishaps to my body. Scott was so kind and caring to me by having a very flexible schedule, and got me in to get healthy no matter what. I can honestly say that without Scott I don't know if I would be able to go on to play football in college next year. His expertise is far greater than anyone I've ever been to. Not only is Scott a great physical therapist and doctor, but a great man to get to know and talk to. A man like Scott is a rare one to find and I'd recommend him to anyone who needs help physically.

Windsor HS State Champions - RB J.S.

Dear Scott:

Your physical therapy methods and treatment for my chronic knee pain have left me thankfully astonished at the healing process that has occurred since I began treatments with you in May 2012.

My knee was injured in 2009 and was examined at length by four different orthopedic surgeons (outside Colorado) who each wanted to perform exploratory surgery which I refused. None of them offered me a physical therapy option. Then I found you. Your understanding of my long-term knee injury and the methods you used to bring me back to good health has changed my life for the better. Thank you for your expertise, professionalism, and kindness and especially for not allowing me to give up on myself through this healing process.


This is the best I have felt since 1998. I'm 100% better than when I started. I mowed the lawn yesterday for the 1st time - no problems back or shoulder. I would recommend anyone to him.


Before starting physical therapy I had shoulder pain along with pain in my collar bone. It hurt to lift anything, raise my arm, and even to start the car. After physical therapy I have no pain at all. I have no pain opening doors or starting the car.


When I first came to physical therapy I had great pain in my shoulder and in particular, the rotator cuff area. It was painful to roll over in bed, to dress myself, and to blow dry my hair. He worked with me teaching me exercises to do at home and evaluating my progress. He spent time educating me about the anatomical makeup of the shoulder which was extremely helpful. Miraculously, my rotator cuff healed. I highly recommend the Institute of Physical Medicine & Sports Therapy.


Your work helped speed my recovery and minimize my pain while maximizing my range of motion. As recovery progressed, you found the locked muscles and neck joint impingements that were preventing restful sleep. I am doing much better now. I feel this is due to your dedication and talent.